Frequently Asked Questions

The concept of Hit the Target -The Crop Registry System- originated from registries used by other states, and from concerns among Texas grape growers that vineyards grown adjacent to other crops could be damaged by pesticide drift. Development of the registry began with funding from the Texas Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant and support from Texas Grape Growers Association. The philosophy of the site is simple: If pesticide applicators can easily see the location of other crops that may be affected by drift, they can and will make appropriate plans to avoid damage. With the integration of Flag the Technology into the system functionality, herbicide applicators will be aware which products are appropriate and safe to use on a specific field.

Pesticide applicators, growers and the residents of Texas all benefit from the continued development of the website. For pesticide applicators, the website offers an opportunity to manage and minimize off-target drift and improve the efficacy and safety of applications. Growers will benefit by minimizing the risk of crop damage. Texas residents will benefit from the increase in the diversity and quality of agricultural commodities grown throughout the state.

The first step in using the full services offered by Hit the Target is to sign up and register yourself with the site. Registration allows us to understand our users, and to minimize misuse of the site. Registration is free, and your details will remain confidential. If you have any comments or feedback for how we can improve the site, then please feel free to contact us. Below is a brief video tutorial that explains how to register, and manage your account details.

Here is a information video to help you register with the Hit The Target:

For producers, using the site is straightforward. First, register with the site following the instructions above. Your registration details are confidential. Registration allows us (the site administrators) to update you with news about the site, and to ensure only valid crop areas are added to the registry. Once registered, you can use the online mapping tools to delineate the boundaries of your fields, and record the types of crops grown there. In order to ensure a current and accurate database, crop locations will remain in the database for a year, before they need to be updated.

From this point, the location of your crops (represented by the color of the flags) will be visible to any applicator registered with the site. Producers have the ability to share their data with applicators and consultants, and are provided with online tools that allow them to generate real-time reports before they carry out an application.

Here is a information video to help you get started registering your crops:

Applicators will need to register to get the full benefit from the site. Once registered, you can use the user dashboard to see the location of shared crop areas where the pesticide application will take place. Before an application, you can use the online tools to see where the physical flags are and comments left to you by the producer. Applicators can maintain a record of all applicator areas (in case further applications are scheduled).

Here is a information video to help you get started using the site as a pesticide applicator:

Absolutely! The overall success of the Hit the Target -The Crop Registry System- relies upon continual and regular use by both applicators and growers. The online tools used to facilitate the registry are becoming more and more prevalent for modern, precision agriculture and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the site further, to hear your feedback and to arrange training for how to use the site most effectively. You can contact to provide feedback or to arrange training. Alternatively, please contact Dr. Maria Tchakerian: (979) 845-9735.

Yes! Applicators will be able to see the location and types of crops grown around the state, but will not be able to access contact information of growers. Applicator information will remain confidential. As site administrators, we will monitor visits to the site, monitor potential conflicts detected by the registry, and record notifications sent out by the site.

The Knowledge Engineering Laboratory, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University and Agrilife's Agricultural and Environmental Safety group currently develop and administers the site. If you have any questions or feedback, you can contact us here: or contact Dr. Maria Tchakerian (979)845-9735.